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Training Dates: Saturdays

Great plans are coming ahead! If you are a new or returning biathlon team member, please email CI McLean at In your email, please list your reason for returning or joining the team, your biathlon goals, age, and rank.


To prepare cadets' physical fitness and shooting accuracy for rigorous competiton at the zone and provincial levels.


The goal of the Cadet Biathlon Program is to promote physical fitness and to promote the safe handling of rifles.



Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing or running and marksmanship. It requires tremendous endurance and strength as well as skill and precision. Unpredictable elements including weather and wind conditions make this outdoor sport a fun and rewarding challenge that thousands of cadets participate in each year. (source)



The 706 Event Calendar will list all biathlon team events.



Connaught Ranges, various locations in Kanata, and Camp Fortune, Chelsea, QC



All cadets are welcome to participate and try out for the team.

Equipment Provided for Skiing and Shooting

Essential Items

  • Dress appropriate to weather

  • Wind & snow pants

  • Water proof or water resistant jacket

  • Base layers

  • Extra layers

  • Winter boots

  • Running shoes

  • Warm ski or winter socks

  • Gloves, tuque and Buff (if approved by the Regional Director or Coach)

  • Water bottle

  • Kit bag


Health Card

Cadets are to bring their Health Cards


Criteria for Team Development

Training: 45

Marksmanship: 45

Team Spirit/Overall Attitude: 10

Total: 100

Please review the following team dates in order to ensure availability for the 2022-2023 biathlon season:

  • Zone Competition: January 29-29, 2023 (Camp Fortune)

  • Provincial Competition: February 18-19, 2023 (Valcartier)

  • National Competition: CANCELLED


Qualifications Awarded

The Cadet Biathlon Championship Series Pins are awarded upon completion of various levels of competition: Regional, Provincial and National.

Training Location:

Training occurs at multiple locations. Please see Event Calendar for weekly confirmation.

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