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Sponsoring Committee

Role of the Squadron Sponsoring Commitee (SSC)

The Sponsoring Committee of an Air Cadet Squadron are a group of parents and interested community members working in partnership with the Squadron DND/CAF staff to support the local training program in order to achieve the three goals of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, which are:

  • to develop leadership and good citizens,

  • to promote physical fitness, and;

  • to stimulate an interest in aviation.


The Sponsoring Committee is responsible to work in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces who is responsible for the training, supervision and administration of the cadet program. The Committee represents the Air Cadet League of Canada within the local community, provides indispensable local support: communications, community engagement, contracting, equipment, food, facility, fundraising, financial and other support, for squadron needs as required and when not provided by the Canadian Armed Forces. The committee is comprised of five executive positions and a maximum of six directors. As the Committee's mandate is for a one-year period, the committee is dissolved near the end of each training year and a new committee is elected from interested members of the Squadron community.


To be a member, you must meet the following conditions:

  • be a legal resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen living abroad;

  • be at least eighteen (18) years of age;

  • have a genuine interest in the objectives of the Air Cadet League;

  • have successfully completed the volunteer screening and registration process (for new members, can be completed following the election)

We are also looking for volunteers to fill various roles outside of the core group of the sponsoring committee. If you are interested in lending a hand from time to time, please contact

Committee Members

Executive directors:

  • Chairperson: Alice Abed

  • Vice Chair: Stephen Cadieux

  • Second Vice Chair: John Chuah

  • Treasurer: Meha Mehta

  • Secretary: May Wu

Directors at large:

  • Jessica Gray (Volunteer Coordinator)

  • Emily Zhang

  • Laura-Lee Balkwill

  • Sunita Kaul

Squadron Advisor from the Air Cadet League of Canada - Quebec and Ottawa Valley: Damian Lopez

Positions and Roles

1. With respect to the Regional Committee:

a) Attend Regional and Provincial meetings;

b) Submit annually the financial statement (ACC9), the list of Sponsoring Committee members

c) (CPQVO101), the Squadron’s inventory and the Government report T3010 and TP985.22 (in order to maintain the validity of the charity number);

d) Support the subcommittees established by the Provincial Executive Committee such as the l’Auto-Cadet, flying committee, effective speaking, music and military drill competitions, etc.);

e) Participate in any regular or special activities taking place in one’s region;

f) Commit to follow, in the year of his/her appointment, the Chairperson’s course delivered by the Air Cadet League;

g) Ensure that each Sponsoring Committee member completes the registration form and complies with the screening process, and;

h) Ensure that each Sponsoring Committee member and volunteer will take the basic training course.

2. With respect to the Sponsoring Committee:

a) Ensure the proper functioning of the Squadron’s Sponsoring Committee;

b) Chair regular and special meetings, and determine the agenda;

c) Oversee set-up of the sub-committees;

d) Maintain close ties with the Commanding Officer (per the Sharing of Responsibilities document);

e) Ensure that the members of the Committee attend the training course offered by the Provincial Committee;

f) Ensure that each new member completes the registration form and complies with the screening process; and

g) Keep the Sponsoring Committee’s documents.

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