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Training Dates: Bi-weekly Thursday evenings, see calendar

The drill team will allow a group of cadets to showcase precision drill movements, to present exemplary dress standards, and to develop leadership and teamwork skills. If you want to make new friends and spend time learning from other cadets in 706 outside of your level, joining the drill team is for you. This is open to all cadets, no minimum level or rank requirements.


Improvement and putting into practice the knowledge of all individual and squad (flight) drill movements executed by the Air Cadets.

Preparation and practice of a choreography (a compulsory sequence with words of command and a silent choreographed sequence) towards the display at the squadron's Annual Ceremonial Review.



The Drill Team is composed of at least 15 cadets led by a Drill Team Commander.

The Drill Team participates in a special display at the squadron's Annual Ceremonial Review held each year in the spring.


Drill is an important part of cadet training. Drill promotes discipline, alertness, precision, pride, steadiness, and the cohesion necessary for success within a group.


From a leadership perspective, drill is an excellent vehicle to help enhance some personal attributes. A senior cadet's assertiveness, confidence in his/her abilities while speaking in front of a group, and supervisory skills while correcting personnel on their dress and personal drill all benefit from drill instruction.



Any cadet, from any level, may try out for the Drill Team.

In addition, candidates must:

  • Be present at each practice.

  • Give 100% effort 100% of the time

  • Possess a correct and positive attitude towards the members of the team.

  • Continuously demonstrate improvement in the execution of their drill.

Training Location: see Event Calendar

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