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National Summer Training and Staff Cadet Positions

Each year, 706 Squadron cadets attend National Camps and Scholarship Courses during the summer months.706 Squadron is allocated a small number of spots for these camps and courses based on the number of cadets in our Squadron. Generally, we have a greater number of cadets who are interested in these opportunities than spots available. The Squadron therefore, holds an internal selection process to select cadets which will then attend what is known as "National Exams and Interviews" at the regional level (New for 2019 - Glider, Power and IACE only) where the final cadet selections for camps and courses are completed.


In order to determine which cadets will attend the National Exams and Interviews, 706 Squadron ranks the cadets based on, but not limited to, the following:

  • attendance at mandatory activities;

  • attendance at regionally directed activities;

  • age;

  • number of years in the program;

  • academic performance;

  • previous camps/staff attended; and,

  • rank.


For flying scholarships, cadets will also be ranked on the following:

  • ground school evaluation marks.


For each category; a standardized point system is used (see selection process below). The points are tallied to provide a total score for each cadet. Scores for all cadets competing for the same course are compared, and the cadets are ranked with the highest priority awarded to the cadet with the highest score.


For 2019, 706 Squadron may send the following number of cadets to the exams or interviews:

  • International Air Cadet Exchange: 1

  • Glider Pilot Scholarship: 5

  • Power Pilot Scholarship: 5


  • Similar criteria are also used for the selection process at the regional level.

  • Cadets may only apply for one national course.

Please complete the form below:

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Officer School - United States

Air Cadet National Summer Training Courses Selection Process

2020 Applications: Advanced Aerospace, Aircraft Maintenance, Airport Operations

2020 Staff Applications

Advanced Aerospace Course

Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Aircraft Maintenance

Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Airport Operations

Glider Pilot Scholarship

Power Pilot Scholarship

International Air Cadet Exchange

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