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✈ 706 Weekly Messages - 10 October 2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

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Interested in the Air Cadet Programme? Click here to find out how.


Cadets interested in gliding days 22 or 29 October, click the blue title Gliding to sign up!

Events & Activities

Activities Night

  1. Participants: All Cadets

  2. Date: Thursday, 12 October 2023

  3. Time: 1830-2115 hrs (see para. 7 for detailed schedule)

  4. Location: Connaught CTC, 5 Brouillette Blvd, Nepean, ON K2K 2W6

  5. Dress:

    1. C5, Field Training Uniform (FTU); or

    2. appropriate civilian attire (example: black pants, white shirt or polo, black shoes);

    3. Sports:

      1. Sports wear including sport shoes

      2. Suggestion: wear your sport pants under your FTUs to making the change of dress easier

    4. Footwear: If you don’t have the FTU boots, cadets can wear an alternate pair of black shoes or boots.

  6. Priority is given to a cadet who sign-up for Activities:

    1. Optional Activity A - Choose 1 from:

      1. Drill

      2. Ground School

      3. Effective Speaking

    2. Optional Activity B - Choose 1 from:

      1. Sports

      2. Board Games

      3. Aviation Themed Activity

  7. Schedule:


  1. Participants: All cadets interested in playing in the band

  2. Date: Sun, 15 Oct 23 (and all Sundays afterwards)

  3. OPI: Warrant Officer Driscoll

  4. Time: 1300 - 1600 hrs

  5. Location: 16 Spitfire Private, Gloucester, ON K1V 8P4 (near the airport)

  6. Dress: blue squadron t-shirt, or black bottoms and white top

  7. Material to bring:

    1. a musical instrument;

    2. If you don't have one, see WO Driscoll on Thursday during training to sign one out.

  8. Additional info: Please email WO Driscoll to express your interest in band and/or confirm attendance.


Notices and Reminders

Online Ground School:

  1. Interested in becoming a pilot? Click here for information on the Pilot Training offered by Cadets Canada.

  2. Eligible cadets can register here to apply for the Glider or Power Pilot Training Courses.

  3. Deadline to register is Thu, 14 Oct 23.


Due to limited space and lighting at Connaught, please follow the parking flow map and instructions below:

  1. Enter via Vickers Gun Rd, then turn left on Brouillette Blvd

  2. Drop-off/pickup occur on Brouillette Blvd after Lewis Gun Rd (near squadron HQ).

  3. For pickup at the end of the night, park in the parking lot (not on Brouillette Blvd). Use caution when exiting the parking lot.

  4. IMPORTANT: Exercise caution and patience when driving in this area, as there are many cadets in the parking lot.

  5. Exit via Sir Sam Huges Rd


  1. Annual Validation:

    1. The Annual Validation Forms are an important part of how we keep all our cadet activities safe for all participants, and the safety of all our cadets is top priority.

    2. Annual Validation Forms were due Oct 5, 2023. See CI Moy if you need your form to be reprinted.

  2. Code of Conduct:

    1. The Cadet Code of Conduct outlines how we expected our cadets to conduct themselves during all cadet activities. It ensures that each cadet has a safe and inclusive environment for their development.

    2. All forms are to be completed and returned to CI Moy by Oct 19, 2023.

  3. Absences: If you are unable to make it to training, fill out this form before your planned activity to be marked as excused.

Cadet365 Accounts

  1. Get help: Returning cadets should contact Administration Officer CI Ed Moy if they are experiencing issues.

  2. Newly Registered Cadets: They will automatically receive their account information at the email address on file once they are created.


  1. There are no scheduled appointments this week. CI Burke will advise cadets on Thursday if they have a uniform to pick up.

  2. To request an appointment, fill out the Uniform Request Form.

706 Canteen

  1. Bring your spare change, purchase a snack and support 706.

  2. Your snack cravings go directly support cadet activities.


  1. Posted speed limits at Connaught:

    1. 50 km/h on Malibar Blvd,

    2. 30 km/h in all other areas.

  2. Speed limits are strictly enforced by Military Police.


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