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✈ 706 Weekly Messages - 11 January 2024

Bottle/Can Drive

Get ready to turn those leftover holiday bottles and cans into something amazing! 706 is thrilled to collect empty alcohol bottles, cans etc after the holidays. Bring them to 1 Brouillette on a cadet night not just to clear out clutter but also help raise funds for the squadron! Let's make recycling a blast while supporting our cadets!

Looking Ahead

Here's what's happening the next few weeks.

Jan 11, 2024

A staff meeting will be held tonight from 1900 - 2030 at Connaught. No cadets involved.

Jan 18, 2024

Senior cadets (Level 5s) only and staff team building night.

Jan 25, 2024

Full return for all cadets.

Upcoming Activities

Winter FTX

The Zone Winter FTX will be taking place February 16-18, 2024. We are one of many cadet units participating. While we don't have all the answers yet we do know we'll have some spots for cadets aged 13 -16 with some senior cadet leaders as well. We will be getting more information in the coming weeks.

Cadet Correspondent Course

The English version of the Cadet Correspondent Course will be held virtually on Tuesday evenings from 6 Feb to 5 March 2024.

  • Interested cadets must demonstrate an interest in photography, videography, social media management, journalism and interest in being a cadet correspondent at the squadron and local activities.

  • Open to levels 3 and above

  • We are looking for one (1) cadet

  • To express interest and for more info please fill out this form


Notices and Reminders

Heated Washroom Facilities

  1. A heated washroom trailer is available for use by everyone located between 2 and 4 Lewis Gun.

  2. This trailer will remain in place for use until the end of April 2024.


  1. Annual Validation:

    1. The Annual Validation Forms are an important part of how we keep all our cadet activities safe for all participants, and the safety of all our cadets is the top priority.

    2. Annual Validation Forms were due Oct 5, 2023.

    3. Starting Dec 1, 2023, the cadets who have not submitted their forms are no longer able to join us for any cadet activity until they do so.

  2. Code of Conduct:

    1. The Cadet Code of Conduct outlines how we expect our cadets to conduct themselves during all cadet activities. It ensures that each cadet has a safe and inclusive environment for their development.

    2. All forms were to be completed and returned to CI Moy by Oct 19, 2023.

  3. Absences: If you are unable to make it to training, fill out this form before your planned activity to be marked as excused.

  4. Cadet365 Accounts:

    1. Get help: Cadets should contact Administration Officer CI Ed Moy if they are experiencing issues.

    2. Newly Registered Cadets: They will automatically receive their account information at the email address on file once they are created.


  1. CI Burke will advise cadets on Thursdays if they have a uniform to pick up.

  2. To make a uniform request please email CI Burke.

706 Canteen

  1. Bring your spare change, purchase a snack and support 706.

  2. Your snack cravings directly support cadet activities.

Letter to Parents-Guardians from the Squadron Sponsoring Committee


Due to limited space and lighting at Connaught, please follow the parking flow map and instructions below:

  1. Enter via Vickers Gun Rd, then turn left on Brouillette Blvd

  2. Drop-off/pickup occur on Brouillette Blvd after Lewis Gun Rd (near squadron HQ).

  3. For pickup at the end of the night, park in the parking lot (not on Brouillette Blvd). Use caution when exiting the parking lot.

  4. IMPORTANT: Exercise caution and patience when driving in this area, as there are many cadets in the parking lot.

  5. Exit via Sir Sam Hughes Rd

Drivers are reminded to slow down.

  1. Posted speed limits at Connaught:

    1. 50 km/h on Malibar Blvd,

    2. 30 km/h in all other areas.

  2. Speed limits are strictly enforced by Military Police.



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