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Recruiting Night - Information Session

Interested in the Air Cadet Programme? We are happy to invite new cadets and their parents to come to our Recruiting Night - Information Session. Bring a friend and their parents, too! Here are the details:

  1. Participants:

    1. Youth who are at least 12 years old and under 19 years old and their parents;

    2. Level 5 cadets.

  2. Date: Thursday, 14 September 2023

  3. Time: 1900-2100 hrs (7 to 9 PM)

  4. Location: 5 Brouillette Blvd, Nepean, ON K2K 2W6

  5. Dress:

    1. Guests: Appropriate civilian attire;

    2. Level 5 cadets: C5, Field Training Uniform (FTU) or appropriate civilian attire, if a uniform exchange is required with Supply.

  6. Pre-registration: Please preregister and enter 706 OTTAWA SNOWY OWL, ROYAL CANADIAN AIR CADET SQUADRON using this link.


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