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Schedule For Community Days - Sign Ups Still Available

Schedule for the Community days is available here.

Community Days

Every year the SSC works tirelessly to ensure we have the funds needed for activities and equipment beyond what's provided by DND - one of their most recent purchases being the new 706 seacans so that we can store all of our equipment on base at Connaught. Last year, they fully funded our year end trip to Larond Park in Montreal and amongst many other things they even fund this website.

Community Days (previously known as Tagging Days) have been an intrigal fundraiser of the cadet program for generations. It is where cadets stand at the forefront of the community (infront of stores) and explain to passerbys what the cadet program is, who can join and how they can support.

And so we ask all cadets to sign up for a shift taking place April 26th - April 28th at various locations in northern Kanata area.



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