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Weekly Messages - 1 May 2024

706 Gear Store extended to May 10th - need to reach minimum order

Less than 20 items have been ordered for the 706 Gear Store, far less than the minimum the vendor needs to be able to fill these orders. In the hopes of getting near or reaching the minimum, we are re-opening the store for one more week.

If there are not enough orders by May 10th, we run the risk of no order being able to be fullfilled. If this is the case, refunds will be distributed.

Orders can be placed at this link.

Orders will be shipped to the SSC for distribution on June 6th.


Sports Night

  1. Participants: All Cadets

  2. Date: Thursday, 2 May 2024

  3. Time: 1830 - 2115 hrs

  4. Location: 5 Brouillette Blvd, Nepean, ON K2K 2W6

  5. Dress:  

    1. Sports Attire

Co's Parade and Squadron Photo Next Week (May 9) We will be holding a CO's Parade next week as well as a Sqn. photo. This is a week's notice to prepare your uniform as the dress is:

  1. C1, Full Dress Uniform (with medals); or if none

  2. C5, Field Training Uniform (FTU); or if none

  3. Appropriate business civilian attire (black pants, white shirt or polo, black shoes);

Note on Footwear: If you don’t have the C1 dress boots or FTU boots, cadets can wear an alternate pair of black shoes or boots with either uniform.


We have been invited by Connaught for an Abseiling Activity where cadets will have the opportunity to learn to repel the tower. Due to limited spots, priority will be given to cadets who were not at the abseiling activity in September 2023.

  1. Date: May 11

  2. Location: Drop off and pick up: to red pin location in image below (near range control) Cadets will assemble in the parking lot and walk to the tower (blue circle)

  3. Timings: 1300-1700

  4. Dress:  

    1. C5, Field Training Uniform (FTU); or

    2. Appropriate long sport attire if you do not have FTUs

  5. What to bring:

    1. Filled water bottle

    2. A light snack

    3. Sunscreen

  6. Sign Up deadline: May 2, 2024 at 1800. Sign up here. Email confirmations will be sent to selected cadets after the deadline. Please note that this activity is occuring at the same time as the Aviation Elemental Day.

Spring FTX

Our Spring FTX (Field Training Exercise) is a fun learning filled weekend for all cadets. Cadets will learn and practice survival skills and cadets of all levels will sleep in their own shelters the 2nd night. Over the weekend, cadets will build a sense of comradery with their peers and their own self confidence.

  1. Date/Time: Fri May 17 at 1800 - Sun May 19 at 1530

  2. Drop off/Pick Up Location: 5 Brouillette Blvd, Nepean, ON K2K 2W6

    1. Cadets will be bussed to/from Camp Cadou for the weekend

  3. Deadline: Sign up here by Tues May 14 at 1800

  4. Dress & Material to bring:

    1. See kit list


  1. OPI: Warrant Officer Driscoll

  2. Date: Sun, 5 May 2024

  3. Time: 1300 - 1600 hrs

  4. Location: 16 Spitfire Private, Gloucester, ON K1V 8P4 (near the Ottawa Airport)

  5. Dress: blue squadron t-shirt, or black bottoms and white top

  6. Material to bring:

    1. a musical instrument

Rocketry Introduction Course (Hosted by 872 Squadron)

  1. Who: Selected cadets

  2. Date: Fri, 3 May 2024 and Mon 6 May 2024

  3. Time: 1900 - 2100 hrs

  4. Location: Maurice Lapointe School (17 Bridgestone Dr, Kanata, ON K2M 0E9)

  5. Dress: Appropriate civilian attire

  6. Material to bring:

    1. Note taking material

    2. Filled water bottle


Save The Date

ACR (Annual Ceremonial Review) - 1 June 2024


Notices and Reminders

Air Cadet Young Aces 50/50 (New for 2024!)

Parents, guardians and friends (18+) can help support our Squadron and Air Cadets provincewide by purchasing 50/50 tickets. For more information and to purchase tickets visit this link. 


  1. Absences: If you are unable to make it to training, fill out this form before your planned activity to be marked as excused.

  2. Cadet365 Accounts:

    1. Get help: Cadets should contact the Administration Officer CI McLean if they are experiencing issues.

    2. Newly Registered Cadets: They will automatically receive their account information at the email address on file once they are created.


  1. CI Stevens will advise cadets on Thursdays if they have a uniform to pick up.

  2. To make a uniform request please fill out this form.

706 Canteen

  1. Bring your spare change, purchase a snack and support 706.

  2. Your snack cravings directly support cadet activities.

Letter to Parents-Guardians from the Squadron Sponsoring Committee


Due to limited space and lighting at Connaught, please follow the parking flow map and instructions below:

  1. Enter via Vickers Gun Rd, then turn left on Brouillette Blvd

  2. Drop-off/pickup occurs on Brouillette Blvd after Lewis Gun Rd (near Squadron HQ).

  3. For pickup at the end of the night, park in the parking lot (not on Brouillette Blvd). Use caution when exiting the parking lot.

  4. IMPORTANT: Exercise caution and patience when driving in this area, as there are many cadets in the parking lot.

  5. Exit via Sir Sam Hughes Rd

Drivers are reminded to slow down.

  1. Posted speed limits at Connaught:

    1. 50 km/h on Malibar Blvd,

    2. 30 km/h in all other areas.

  2. Speed limits are strictly enforced by Military Police.


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